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Buy Aura Extracts Shatter

Buy Aura Extracts Shatter, Wet Dream Online . Your choice of 6 different strains, each with its own unique set of properties.

Godfater OG – Stress crushing effect with sweet hashish flavours (Indica)

Royal Kush – Rich high and heavy euphoric sedation with an earthy and skunky aroma (Hybrid)

Hurricane – Happy, uplifting and euphoric effect with a sweet fruity taste (Sativa), Wet Dream Online

Alien OG – Smoothing uplifted effect with a lemony pine taste (Hybrid)

Wet Dream – Uplifted, euphoric and energetic effect with a lemon and woody pine taste (Sativa)

Northern Lights – Relaxing and dreamy effect with sweet and spicy aromas (Indica)

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